Newsletter Privacy Policy

Any information gathered from you in connection with this Newsletter will be held by Worcester Cathedral Chamber Choir. To ensure that you can add your details to this list in the certain knowledge that they will be safe with us, a strict privacy policy is operated for this list:

  • This list is operated on a strictly ‘opt-in’ basis: Your information will only be included on the list if you have specifically requested it be included, generally by filling in the relevant form on our web-site. Only the information explicitly requested from you (ie: your Name and Email Address) will be held, and no other information will be added without your knowledge. We will remove your details from the list, immediately and without quibble, if requested by you to do so.
  • All Email messages sent to you in connection with this list will originate directly from us. No information gathered from you in connection with this Newsletter will be passed to any other organisation or individual, and under no circumstances will the list or any information from it be sold or given to any other party. Disclosure will only take place in the highly unlikely event of us being required by statute to make the disclosure, for example if compulsory disclosure is demanded by an appropriate authority for criminal investigation purposes.
  • The information gathered from you will be used only for the purpose of sending you, via Email, an occasional newsletter giving news of current or forthcoming events at, or associated with, Worcester Cathedral Chamber Choir. Occasionally the newsletter may include news or details of other local performing arts events which we feel may be of significant interest to you, but the dissemination of such additional information is not the primary purpose of this list.
  • All information gathered from you will be kept on a system to which physical access is restricted, and which is not generally accessible from the Internet. All reasonable measures, both technical (eg: the use of anti-virus software) and otherwise, will be taken to prevent your details from falling into unauthorised hands, be it via ‘computer hacking’ or via more conventional theft. We will follow data back-up procedures designed to ensure, as far as practical, that your information is not lost.

If you have any concerns about the operation of this list, or suspect that this list has been responsible for generating any unwanted or inappropriate mailings, please contact us immediately. Our full website privacy policy can be found here.