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Worcester Cathedral Chamber Choir released a new CD to coincide with its November 2013 Concert.

The Guest

The Guest

Available in the cathedral shop £11.99 Special online price of £8 including worldwide P&P.

The Guest is a selection of choral and organ music of Paul Paviour.

Paul Paviour is one of Australia’s best-known composers. His output is both substantial and varied. Recorded in Worcester Cathedral, this collection presents a broad overview of his work for smaller choir forces, including works written for a royal visit, the dedication of a new organ, carols for Chritsmas and Easter, and an organ piece based on Edward Elgar’s only psalm chant. Also included is his newest composition, The Morning Watch, especially written for Stephen Shellard and the Worcester Cathedral Chamber Choir in 2012.

All artwork in the CD booklet is by local artist, the late Craig Letourneau.

      1. A Canberra Canticle (Te Deum) - a

      2. The Morning Watch - a

      3. Ruminations - a

      4. Magnificat in G

      5. Nunc Dimittis in G

      6. The Glories of this Noble Sound

      7. Abstractions

      8. Love of the Father

      9. That blessèd place

      10. Mary's Child

      11. I sing the birth

      12. Welcome Yule

      13. I know Christ lived

      14. Dithyramb

      15. The Guest

Track Title
1 A Canberra Canticle (Te Deum Laudamus)
2 The Morning Watch
3 Ruminations (on a chant by Edward Elgar) organ solo
4-5 Magnificat and Nunc Dimittis in G
6 The Glories of this Noble Sound
7 Abstractions (on a hymn tune, King’s Lynnorgan solo
8 Love of the Father (based on Song 22 by Orlando Gibbons)
9 That blessèd place
10 Mary’s Child
11 I sing the birth
12 Welcome Yule
13 I know Christ lived A carol for Easter
14 Dithyramb organ solo
15 The Guest